Spanish residents can apply for Covid certificate

by Lorraine Williamson
covid certificate

MADRID – Travelling through Europe will become easier with the arrival of the digital Covid certificate. This is commonly referred to as ‘the corona passport’.

Although the European Union will not introduce this until July 1, Spain is already using the certificate. However, can everyone in Spain apply for it yet? 

Any adult resident, foreign or not, in possession of a DNI/NIE number, can apply for the digital certificate in Spain. Although travel is already possible under certain conditions, Spain is pioneering together with 8 other EU countries. And the Spanish government has been working with the digital Covid certificate since June 7

What is the digital Covid certificate? 

The certificate consists of a QR code and a digital signature (on paper or digital). This will allow the traveller to demonstrate in three different ways that he or she can travel safely and healthily. The QR code can be used to demonstrate that you have been vaccinated with one of the approved  EMA vaccines. Furthermore, it will show if you have tested negative or recovered from a corona infection in the previous six months. 

Travelling with the digital Covid certificate will not be mandatory in Europe. However, if people decide to travel without a certificate, the measures of the countries concerned must be followed. Depending on the country, this may include testing or quarantine obligations on return. Although, applying for the digital Covid certificate is has been made easy. It can be requested free of charge and furthermore, is accepted as a valid travel document by all EU countries. 

Can anyone in Spain apply? 

Residents in Spain can apply for the digital Covid certificate in two ways. Firstly, through the Department of Health of their own autonomous region. However, not all Spanish regions offer this option yet. And secondly, it is also possible via the site of the Spanish Ministry of Health. 

How to Apply

To request the certificate, you must log in using the ‘certificado digital’ or the ‘Cl@ve’. Every adult resident in Spain (including foreign residents) who has a DNI or NIE number can apply for a ‘certificado digital’ and/or the ‘Cl@ve’. 

Three variants of the Covid certificate can then be downloaded;

  • for people who have been fully vaccinated
  • people who can show a negative test result
  • those people who have recovered from a corona infection. 
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