12,000 travellers land at Alicante airport

by Lorraine Williamson

VALENCIA – Spain welcomed world-wide tourists from June 6. Except, however for travellers from countries with high incidence rates such as India, Brazil and South Africa.

Just a day later, Alicante airport saw nearly 12,000 tourists arrive from 123 flights. Over 20 of these flights were from the UK.

Lowest incidence rates

The Valencian region which includes Benidorm has one of the lowest Covid incidence rates in Spain. UK tourism is an important sector to the area and indeed to the whole of Spain. According to the official government website, La Moncloa, more than 18 million tourists from the UK visited Spain during 2019.

Cogesa Expats

Negative covid test not required for British travellers

Due to the low number of COVID-19 infections, Brits are not required to show a negative coronavirus test result. Also, they do not have to quarantine upon their arrival in Spain. However, as Spain is still on the UK’s amber list, it means that on departure from Spain to Britain, people must self-isolated for 10 days and prove that they are free of covid with two PCR tests.

Covid vaccine certificate

All other holidaymakers were able to enter Spain without any further requirements other than a Covid-19 vaccine certificate , vaccination, confirmation of having recovered from the virus or proof of a negative test result. Vaccines must be from a company approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The UK is still set to carve out an agreement with the EU and is currently rolling out its own vaccine certificates through the National Health Service (NHS).

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