Climate flight to northern Spain: Large increase in house purchases in Galicia

by Lorraine Williamson
house purchases in northern Spain

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA – The north of Spain is becoming more and more attractive for those who want to escape the extreme heat now and in the future. Investments in real estate of house purchases for second homes seem to be a good indicator of this. 

Asturias and Galicia have seen house purchases increase by 30% in recent months. Galicia in particular is seen as one of the regions where foreign investment has increased the most. Mainly French, Dutch and Germans think of Galicia as a place to retire. 

Sell in the South and buy in the North 

“People increasingly want to sell in the south and buy here,” a Galician real estate agent explains to “Especially people around the age of 60 or 65 no longer like the extreme heat and feel more comfortable here,” says the home seller. “And some have bought without ever being here,” he adds. 

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Cogesa Expats

Many see the north as a climate shelter, and Galicia has a privileged position. Atlantic air masses easily reach the area, causing a cooler period after three or four days of extreme heat. Rain showers also occur regularly. It is not for nothing that the landscape looks (still) so green and reminds many of Scotland or Ireland. 

Except for Ourense, which borders Portugal, days with temperatures above 40 degrees are virtually non-existent in Galicia. And tropical nights, when the mercury does not drop below 24 degrees, will be much less common than in the south of Spain on the Mediterranean coast. 


Besides the pleasant climate, Galicia has more to offer. The coasts are beautiful, such as the Costa da Morte with the famous beach Playa de las Catedrales, and coastal towns such as Baiona, Viveiro, Fisterre, Corcubión, Carnota, and O’Grove. Cities such as La Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo also have a lot to offer. You just have to be able to handle the fact that the sky is occasionally grey and it rains regularly. 

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