The second reservoir in Malaga reaches a historically low level

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga reservoir - water restrictions extended

MALAGA – With the constant lack of rain, accompanied by extreme heat, which causes water to evaporate extra quickly, the second reservoir in Málaga has reached its record low. 

This time, the Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir near Ardales has been hit. It is the reservoir that provides spectacular views from the famous Caminito del Rey gorge walk. Currently, it contains only 19.2% of its capacity. Moreover, this water reserve has never reached this level before. According to data from Red Hidrosur of the Junta de Andalucía, the seven reservoirs in Málaga are currently filled to 26.3% of their capacity, with a total of 160 cubic hectometres of water. 

New historical low 

The Conde del Guadalhorce Reservoir has a capacity of 66 cubic hectometres. However, currently, it contains only 12.8 hectometres or 19.2% of its total capacity. These figures mark a new historic low. The last time the reservoir reached a similar situation was in 2005 when it fell to 19.4%. 

With this historic low, the reservoir becomes the second in Málaga to reach a record low this year. A few weeks ago, the same was true for La Viñuela reservoir in the La Axarquía region. Compared to data from a week ago, the reservoir had a hectometre more water, and last year around the same time it had 38 hectometres. Still, La Viñuela continues to reach new minimums and is now at 8.6%, with just 14 hectometres remaining. 

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On the other hand, the other two reservoirs in Valle del Guadalhorce – Guadalteba and Guadalhorce – are filled to 37% and 26% respectively, with 56.9 hectometres remaining in Guadalteba and 33 hectometres in Guadalhorce. 

In addition, the reservoir of la Concepción is the last in Málaga that is still above 50% of its total capacity, at 51.8% and only 29.8 hectometres left. 

However, the situation is completely different in Casasola and Limonero. In the latter, only slightly more than six hectometres remain, despite being at 29% of its capacity, and in Casasola (33.5%), 7 hectometres remain. 

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