Spectacular walking route among fruit trees in bloom in Cieza (Murcia)

by Lorraine Williamson
fruit trees

The city of Cieza in Murcia is the largest exporter of peaches in Spain. Until the end, the fruit trees turn spectacularly pink, which gives the landscape an extraordinary beauty.

Despite the bad weather this weekend, spring is getting closer in Spain. This creates vivid colours in the landscape. There are already places in the Iberian Peninsula where you can see and feel spring. For example, in Cieza.

In this city, half an hour from the capital Murcia, the trees begin to bloom even before spring officially arrives. It provides a unique spectacle in Spain. And best of all, you can walk among the symbolic peach trees along a beautiful hiking trail that finishes in the endless pink fields.

Different fruit trees in bloom

The number of species of fruit trees in Cieza is unbelievably large. Cherry, apricot, almond and, above all, peach trees bloom between the end of February and the beginning of March to welcome spring. The entire region of Vega Alta de Segura transforms into a colourful paradise with more than 13,000 hectares of trees.

Every year, the fruit trees in bloom attract thousands of visitors who want to admire the beauty of the Bloom of Cieza. There are several excursions to experience this spring spectacle up close. In addition, visitors can get acquainted with the gastronomy of the region. Or choose an incredible hiking route.

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Hiking trail La Brujilla

One of the best ways to experience the flowering season in Cieza in all its splendor is to follow the La Brujilla hiking trail. The route starts at the Molino de Teodoro (which has been converted into a museum) and continues for almost eight kilometres. You will pass by the most impressive landscapes of the Vega del Segura until you reach the immense plantations full of flowering trees.

This route is ideal to do with the family. The hike takes barely two hours, and has little elevation gain.

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