Almond trees in bloom in Ayerbe, the spectacle not to be missed in Huesca

by Lorraine Williamson
almond trees

The scent and colours of the almond blossom in Spain are enchanting. In northern Spain, in Huesca, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Especially from the almond blossom in Ayerbe, a natural spectacle that marks the beginning of spring in this region of the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees. Because different types of almond trees have been planted, you can admire the blossom splendour until April.

The white and pink colour embellish the landscape in winter. The almond blossom symbolises life in the countryside. A few kilometres from Huesca, in the towns of Ayerbe, Loscorrales and Loarre/Lobarre, the trees have the beautiful colour. The perfect excuse for a walk to discover this beautiful landscape. The Almond Blossom Route passes through areas at the foot of the mountains, at an altitude of 600-700 metres.

Almond blossom from February to April

In Ayerbe, Loscorrales and Loarre/Lobarre, there is an abundance of almond trees. And although we know that the climate is not an exact science, these fields are generally in bloom from the second week of February. The first white blossom is that of the “largueta” or “desmayo” variety.

A few weeks later, if the weather conditions are good, the expected bloom – of the Marcona almond variety – will take place with the characteristic pink flowers.

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“Thanks to the planting of new varieties of almond trees, which usually bloom a month later than the previous ones, you can still see almond trees in bloom during the month of March and even April”, reports the official tourism website of Huesca.

Although there are several villages where you can enjoy the almond blossom, Ayerbe is the main point of the route. This village is located between plains and mountains, surrounded by the Santo Domingo Mountain range, the Peñas de Riglos, the Loarre mountain range and the Caballera mountain range. Its proximity to the Gállego River and its location at the gateway to the Pre-Pyrenees make it an ideal meeting place to explore both its rich cultural heritage and impressive nature.

Walking in the splendour of the almond blossom

You have multiple options to enjoy this spectacle. One of them is the Walk “En la Flor del Almendro”, on February 24 and 25. There are three routes (30 km, 18 km and 12 km), adapted to all ages and fitness levels. You can also enjoy “Fiesta Carnicraba”, a party with music. But also gastronomy and all kinds of activities for the whole family. If you can’t make it this last weekend of February, you can walk on your own. There are two routes with full signage.

The circular walk starts and ends in Ayerbe. You will walk through the town of Loarre/Lobarre and past the church of San Esteban. Then you will pass through Sarsamacuello with the parish church of San Nicolás de Bari. The first route is 25 km long and you ascend 500 metres. The second route shares a large part of route 1, but is slightly shorter – 12 km in total – and with a gradient of 190 metres.

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