Where in Spain are the most beautiful almond blossoms?

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almond blossoms are blooming

Like every year in January spring is heralded early by the first blooming almond trees. These almond blossoms are slowly turning the landscape white and pink. Although the timing of the almond blossoms in full regalia depends a lot on the weather. We give you seven of the most beautiful places with almond blossoms in Spain. And no, they are not all on the Spanish mainland.

Many believe March and April are the best month to experience the almond blossoms in full bloom. However, in recent years Spain has proven time and again that in February, and regularly even in January,  you will find beautiful pictures of fields full of blossom. 

Quinta de los Molinos Park (Madrid)

Located in the heart of Madrid, the park Quinta de los Molinos is full of almond trees and thus blossom at some point. Here is a farm full of almond trees that invite you to an incredible walk. This natural spectacle that anticipates spring takes place every year. This huge public park has about 1,500 almond trees that bloom in early March and last almost until the end of the month. The Quinta de los Molinos is a great unknown, even for the people of Madrid.

Villalpardo (Cuenca)

Just 2,5 hours’ drive from Madrid is the municipality of Villalpardo in the province of Cuenca. Here you can see extensive fields which often bloom from February.

Turon Valley (Málaga)

At the foot of a large rock on the banks of the Turón River, this historic town is born. From the ruins of its castle, at the top, it is impressive to contemplate its landscape of almond trees. The best views are on the north face, where at the end of winter you can see the sensational almond trees with the old town of Valle del Guadalteba, where the colour contrast is incredible.

Garrovillas de Alconétar (Cáceres)

This old village in the Spanish province of Cáceres has just over 2,000 inhabitants. Besides the fact that this village has a considerable historical-artistic value, the most beautiful almond blossoms in Spain can be viewed here. Every year, the traditional festival “Muestra del Almendro en Flor” celebrates the flowering of the almond blossoms.

So, at the beginning of March it is the ideal time to do routes through this impressive natural area. A legend says that the king of these lands once ordered the planting of many almond trees. That way his queen, born in the north, would see a landscape that would remind her of her land of origin.

Loarre (Huesca)

At the foot of the Pyrenees, one of the best preserved remains of Romanesque architecture – the ruins of the castle of Loarre – is evident. Here, in front of the castle, are the most beautiful blossoms, which provide unique pictures. This place attracts many visitors every year.

Cogesa Expats

Valle del Pop (Alicante)

One of the best-known products from Alicante is nougat, a key ingredient of which is almonds. Therefore, it is not surprising to find thousands of almond blossoms in Alicante. One of the best places to enjoy this and take the most beautiful pictures is the Valle del Pop.

Guadalest Valley, Alicante

Another beautiful spot in the province of  Alicante is the Guadalest Valley. Surrounded by the Aitana, Serella and Xortá mountain ranges, this valley of Moorish villages is one of the best places to appreciate the beauty of blossoming almond trees. And it is that Alicante is the epicenter of the famous nougat thanks to its enormous extensions of fields of almond trees. In the Guadalest valley, the almond tree is the characteristic tree, which is why it is covered with flowers until well into March.

Santiago del Teide (Tenerife)

Almond blossoms grow abundantly on the Canary Islands thanks to the warm temperatures. And because it is often so warm here, these almond blossoms are one of the first in Spain to bloom. In the municipality of Santiago del Teide, entire fields are full with Mount Teide in the background. If that doesn’t produce beautiful pictures…

Furthermore, Santiago del Teide celebrates its ‘Almond Blossom’ activity from January 28 to February 26, 2023. The townhall will organize multiple events, markets, talks, workshops, musical performances, gastronomy and of course the popular routes to enjoy the lively nature. 

Sierra de Tramuntana (Mallorca)

Almonds are also typically traditional products in Mallorca. The islanders of this island characterise the end of winter and the beginning of spring here with the expression “nieve mallorquina” (Mallorcan snow) – as this is te period when the almond blossoms around Sierra de Tramuntana start to bloom in the surroundings of Marratxí, Bunyola or Santa María del Camí.

Puntagorda, La Palma

An excellent option is to get lost among the exuberant nature and enjoy the floral spectacle of Puntagorda. It is one of the great surprises that La Palma awaits during the winter. Here, in the northwest of the island there are valleys entirely painted white, thanks to the extensive almond tree crops. Excellent wine and salted almonds are the culinary icing on the cake in this dreamlike landscape.

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