Spanish weather forecasters were quite wrong about the winter

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Last year, pseudoscience, based on the methods of the cabañuelas, predicted that winter would be cold and snowy. However, reality has once again overtaken the folkloric weather forecasts. Contrary to the vision of the weather predictions, the winter was neither snowy nor cold.

The meteorological winter of 2023-2024 in Spain has come to an end, and the data doesn’t lie: it was an extremely warm winter. The most striking phenomenon of this winter 2023-2024 was the abnormally high temperatures. Extremely high values were recorded during the three months, with numerous records for highest monthly temperatures. The winter was extremely warm throughout Spain. The temperature anomaly map is clear: there is not a single region in Spain where the winter was cold. Seville and Logroño are the two places with the smallest deviation, with +0.3ºC in both cities.

The warmest winter since records began

This winter was very warm, but how does it compare to previous winters?’ analysis shows that the winter of 2023-2024 was the warmest in several stations since records began. Particularly noteworthy is the situation in the Canary Islands, where all islands have experienced the warmest winter since records have become available.

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Variable precipitation

Although the winter was normal nationally in terms of precipitation, the situation varied from station to station. Precipitation was more generous on the Atlantic side, especially in northern Cáceres, northern Toledo and Galicia. In the rest of the country there was less rain and the shortage was greater.

Although many of these shortages on the Atlantic side are small or negligible (we are talking about margins of -15% compared to normal, which is within the norm), the reality is that on the Mediterranean side there is little or no rain. The data from Málaga is especially clear: only 26% of the normal amount of rain has fallen. Drought was also present in the Canary Islands, where rainfall was up to -90% below normal. In Barcelona and Girona, precipitation was -67.6% and -64.9% below normal levels respectively.

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