Winter cold returns to Spain this week

by Lorraine Williamson
winter returns to Spain

From Monday 6 February, winter returns to Spain. Temperatures average between one and three degrees below average for the time of year. And snow could also fall on the Canary Islands. 

During the first weekend of February, temperatures in Spain were much milder than during the last days of January. After this period, during which temperatures were around 15ºC in most of the country, temperatures will start to fall again.  

Precipitation and wind 

Winter brings precipitation in the form of rain and at relatively low altitudes, ‘above 500-700 metres’, it will snow. Temperatures are low and there is a chance of strong winds, especially on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. In the south-east, it could settle considerably. 

According to AEMET spokesman Rubén del Campo, showers will form first around the Balearic Islands. Firm frosts were forecast across much of Spain during the night from Monday to Tuesday, increasing in the north, centre and eastern interior. 

Falling temperatures 

Daytime temperatures will fall in the coming days, with minimum temperatures below -5ºC in parts of Spain. In some mountain areas, the mercury could even drop below -10ºC.  During the day, maximum temperatures will remain mostly under 10ºC. 

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Frost will persist over the next few days in the interior of the northern half and the south-eastern part of Spain. By the weekend, the frost becomes moderate and will only occur in the north. The cold air will also reach the Canary Islands, with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees in many areas and snow on the tops of islands such as La Palma and Tenerife.  

Code yellow and orange 

For the next few days, up to 13 regions will have code yellow and orange for coastal phenomena, rain, snow, wind and minimum temperatures. In eastern Spain and the Balearic Islands, warnings are most likely. 

Where will it snow this week? 

According to weather site El Tiempo, snow levels in the north of the peninsula could be around 300 to 400 metres, while in the central and eastern areas of the peninsula it will be closer to 700 to 800 metres. 

Snow is expected in northern areas such as Catalonia, the northern plateau and mountain areas such as the Pyrenees, and the central and Iberian system. But also in places where it is not so common, such as the interior of the Valencian Community, eastern Castilla-La Mancha and Andalucia and part of the Canary Islands. 

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