Spanish police hunt a gay serial killer

by Lorraine Williamson
serial killer in Bilbao

BILBAO – A serial killer in Spain is said to have contacted his homosexual victims through the dating app Grindr. The perpetrator killed at least four men last year. Now the matter has become public. 

According to the police, there is a serial killer in Spain who is targeting gay men. He is believed to have killed at least four men – all in the Basque metropolis of Bilbao in northern Spain, as reported by the newspaper El Mundo and other Spanish media. 

The escaped victim has described the perpetrator 

A young man, aged around 20 to 30, is wanted as an urgent suspect. A victim who managed to escape from him in December described the alleged perpetrator. The wanted person is suspected of murder in at least four cases. However, it cannot be ruled out that he has taken more lives. 

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The common factor in four murders 

According to reports, all the murders have more than one common denominator: the victims are said to have contacted the alleged serial killer through the dating app Grindr, which is especially popular with gay men. Allegedly, they invited him to their home and were drugged there. In all cases, the victims’ bank accounts were looted. The perpetrator is said to have committed the murders last year. 

Don’t alarm society 

The police of the Basque Country have not made an official announcement for the time being. However, upon request, they confirmed the media reports and the ongoing investigations. Bilbao’s mayor, Juan Mari Aburto, admitted in an interview that there was a “tense calm” in his city as a result of the media reports. The town hall is aware of the investigation and is doing everything it can not to alarm society 

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