Investigation into the violent deaths of three Spanish farmers: is there a connection?

by Lorraine Williamson
deaths of three farmers

The violent deaths of three farmers – two in Navarre and one in Lleida – has led public opinion to question whether there is an alleged serial killer in Spain. The deaths occurred between November 2023 and January 2024 and the killer has not yet been identified. 

The three farmers, over the age of 65, were working alone on the land at the time they were killed. Due to the similarities of the deaths, officers from the National Police, the Civil Guard and the Mossos d’Esquadra are investigating whether there is a relationship between the crimes.  

Death of first victim 

The first fatality was 68 years old and was found on November 22 last year in an olive grove in the Navarrese town of Tudela. His body showed signs of violence, namely at least half a dozen stab wounds. The object that caused the injuries was not found at the place where the body was found, the newspaper Noticias de Navarra reported at the time. 

The farmer went to pick olives. Hours later, he still wasn’t home, which worried his wife. She reported his disappearance to the authorities. Both officers of the National Police and the Local Police took part in the search. The body was later found.  

Death of the second farmer 

Around 20 kilometres from Tudela, in the Navarrese municipality of Ribaforada, the lifeless body of an 80-year-old farmer was found a month later. He was married and had two children. His relatives saw him leave for the orchard on December 21, but he did not return either. His relatives went looking for him. However, they found him dead in the field next to his tiller and the trailer he was using. The man had several head wounds. Although at first it looked like an accident, however, the autopsy showed this could not be the case. His car had disappeared and was later found abandoned near the spot where the third farmer was found. This led to an investigation into whether there is a connection between the cases. 

Death of the third victim 

The third victim was 85 years old, lived in the town of Vilanova de la Barca in Lleida and also worked in the fields. He went to prune fruit trees on January 5. When he didn’t return, his wife decided to go looking for him. She found him dead. According to local media, Russell was killed with a pair of scissors. His car was also stolen, coincidentally a different Opel Astra, but grey in colour.  

About the alleged killer 

Investigations show that the attacker was on the run when he committed the latest murder and that he escaped in the victim’s vehicle. It later emerged that the alleged killer had skipped a police checkpoint and left Spain.  

He arrived in Andorra via La Farga de Moles and departed an hour later via Pas de la Casa. Security cameras at border posts also confirmed that the car has entered France, which is why Spain has requested the cooperation of the French authorities through Interpol to try to stop it. The car was abandoned, but so far, the alleged perpetrator has not been identified.

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