Another farmers’ protest in Spain: hundreds of tractors in Madrid

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On an extremely sunny Sunday, the streets of Madrid were filled with hundreds of tractors. Under the motto “We still have enough reasons”, farmers and livestock farmers have gathered for a new protest.

They demand strong measures from the government to tackle the crisis in the agricultural sector. The organisation behind this farmers’ protest, Unión de Uniones, has opted for a festive approach to gain support from consumers.

A family event with a serious message

The event started at the Ministry for Ecological Transition. The event promises to have a family-friendly and fun character. Yet Luis Cortés, coordinator of Unión de Uniones, warns that if solutions are not found, pressure and tension will increase. The message is clear: to bring agriculture and livestock farming closer to the citizens by showing their work vehicles and inviting children to climb on the tractors.

What do the farmers want?

The farmers are fighting for reforms and government measures to ease the crisis in the sector. They ask for protection of European agricultural products against imports from third countries. They also want improvements to the food chain law and proportionate and realistic environmental requirements. These demands are similar to those of the main agricultural organisations and independent farmer groups that have been campaigning since February 6.

Cogesa Expats

The government is in discussions with the agricultural organisations Asaja, COAG and UPA about various new rules. They discuss, among other things, a plan to no longer monitor farmers for certain rules of European agricultural policy. They also talk about the idea that farmers are not required to keep a digital logbook. In addition, there is discussion about setting up a new government service to ensure better compliance with the rules for the food chain.

A gift to the community

The farmers are not only protesting but also showing their sense of community. They do this by donating 125 litres of olive oil to the NGO Mensajeros de la Paz. This gesture emphasises the farmers’ willingness to contribute to the well-being of others, even in times of crisis.

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