Spanish museums eternally grateful to foreign tourists

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Prado museum considered selling art works as Spanish museums suffer during crisis

Directors of Madrid museums are eternally grateful to foreign tourists for saving them from bankruptcy. Despite the criticism of foreign tourists in Spain, directors of the Prado and Reina Sofia see the positive side.

The Spanish news site El Mundo Today writes on Thursday about the gratitude of Madrid’s museums that foreign tourists have come across the border to admire Spanish art. Recently, there has been a lot of criticism about allowing foreign tourists to enter Spain, while the Spaniards are not allowed to travel during Semana Santa. Nevertheless, the arrival of tourists from France, for example, has its advantages.

Spanish museums on the point of closing due to the corona crisis

Some Madrid museum directors said they were about to close their doors for good. Miguel Falomir of the Prado Museum is one who is eternally grateful to these tourists. He speaks to the Spanish press with tears in his eyes: “It is a miracle, a cultural miracle that we do not have to close our doors now.”

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Prado wanted to sell emblematic pieces to save season

A few weeks ago, the director of the Prado considered selling some very special pieces to keep the doors open. He wanted to sell pieces of Goya and Velázquez to save the season and pay the debts. Thanks mainly to French art lovers who visited the Prado recently, this is not yet necessary.

Shame foreign art lovers banned from Spain

The director of the Reina-Sofia Museum is also grateful to the French for showing interest in Spanish art. The director continued, saying the French saved the cultural heritage of the Spanish by coming en masse when they saw that the Spanish museums were struggling .

The Reina Sofia speaks of a shame Spain banned tourists, while Spaniards hardly visit the museums. Directors of various museums in Spain even indicate they are considering moving their museums to France in order to be “closer to the public who appreciate their offer.”

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