Andalucia continues with 160,000 stored AstraZeneca vaccines

by Lorraine Williamson
stored AstraZeneca Vaccines

ANDALUCIA – Andalucia is continuing to vaccinate with AstraZeneca after previously having halted the processes pending official reassurances regarding its safety.  At the time, there were 160,000 stored AstraZeneca vaccines about to be administered.

In addition to these 160,000 vaccines, and as reported by, The Minister of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, Jesús Aguirre, announced on Monday that in fact, Andalucia has “right now 160,000 stored AstraZeneca vaccines”, and Salud wants to “use them as soon as possible”

Over 200,000 vaccines to arrive in Andalucia

Additionally, Aguirre, said he hopes this week a total of “203,530 vaccines” from different pharmaceutical companies will arrive in Andalucia.  He also wants to be authorised by the Ministry of Health that, “once the vaccination of the over 80 years of age is complete, the next group to be vaccinated is that of patients with relevant pathologies”.

The Minister of Health, clarified that when speaking of relevant pathologies, he refers to “patients with cancer treatments, immunosuppressed, who are on dialysis, with Down Syndrome for more than 40 years and with other pathologies that scientific societies tell us that it is very important that they are immunized against Covid-19.

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Vaccination of 55-65 year old group

At the moment, the vaccines are being administered to people with essential professions. This includes police, teachers, armed forces. It will then continue with the 55-65 group who were previously excluded from receiving the vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca. The vaccination of this new group will begin with those born in 1956.

Malaga health district

According to ElDiario, in the Malaga health district, 33 units have continued vaccinating, in addition to two external support centres. The vaccinations using AstraZeneca resumed on Monday. There are no figures yet on how many people are rejecting this vaccine.

“Starting today, we will see if there are many people missing. At the moment we do not have any incidents,” explains Antonio Vázquez, care director of the Málaga Guadalhorce health district: “I have been this morning at a vaccination point and I have perceived the same normality than before the stoppage. “Each vaccination point usually performs 200-220 vaccinations between 8.30 in the morning and 18.30 in the afternoon, he says.


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