Spanish ministers under fire over travelling tourists

by Lorraine Williamson
travelling tourists

MADRID – From March 26 to April 9 a travel ban applies between the Spanish regions and some municipalities. Despite these measures, Health Minister Darias and Prime Minister Sánchez came under fire last week. This was due to overcrowded trains,airports and travelling tourists.

From March 26 to April 9, it is officially prohibited to travel from one autonomous region to another. The Spanish news site wrote on Thursday that travelling tourists were en masse to and in Spain despite restrictions. French tourists were seen  enjoying terraces in the Spanish capital while hard restrictions have been imposed in their own country. Many more planes also left Germany for the Balearic islands last week.

Spanish minister and prime minister under attack 

On Thursday, various politicians from the Partido Popular, Ciudadanos and the PNV highlighted this situation to Minister Darias of Health. Darias stressed that, with some exceptions, travel between March 26 and April 9 is not permitted. However, this does not apply to all trips made before March 26.

Criticism from Spanish politics of border controls 

Several politicians were critical of controls carried out along Spain´s borders, airports and at borders between autonomous regions. For example, on a train to Malaga on Thursday, there was no space left. And according to another polititcian there was a lot of traffic at airports in Spain.

Cogesa Expats

Both Darias and Prime Minister Sánchez have come under considerable fire for the examples of crowds of people who “had to travel spontaneously” just before Semana Santa and for the lack of control over travel movements.

Previously agreed measures at Semana Santa will be maintained 

Darias did not comment on these specific examples. However, she did say that measures previously taken will be enforced during Semana Santa. Furthermore, Spain is complying with the regulations set by the European Union to keep the airports open.

On Friday, the Spanish news site, La Sexta wrote that during Semana Santa 64,000 officers from the Policía Nacional and the Guardia Civil will be monitoring the roads as travel between regions and some municipalities is restricted.


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