Foreign tourists travel to Spain while Spaniards can’t travel

by Lorraine Williamson
tourists in Mallorca

Tourists from other European countries flock to Spain to escape the strict corona measures in their own country. Meanwhile, Spaniards are not even allowed to travel outside their own region or municipality in the weeks before Semana Santa. The Spanish news site TRTespañol wrote on Wednesday that an increasing number of foreigners have travelled to Spain recently. Although international travel is not recommended, it is still possible to go to Spain. There are some rules for travelling to Spain. However, it is not impossible and the travel advice is not followed by everyone. 

Airlines are planning hundreds of additional flights to Spain 

In mid-March, like TUI five other airlines, including Ryanair, Eurowings and Lufthansa, announced that more than 500 additional flights were planned. The flights between Germany and Spain went on sale for the week prior to Semana Santa. This was following the decision that Germany no longer designates the Balearic Islands as a risk area. Nevertheless, this does not mean a license to go on vacation. The German government therefore calls on residents not to travel abroad if this is unnecessary. 

The Spanish islands are now preparing for international tourists. However, at the same time, Spaniards are not allowed to travel within their own country. In the weeks before Semana Santa, an entry and exit ban will apply between autonomous regions for residents. This must be adhered to unless there is an emergency or travelling for work or for other essential motives. 

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Madrid open to tourists 

While Spain has left the third wave behind and corona numbers continue to fall, the Spanish capital – unlike in the rest of Spain – has a relatively large amount of freedom. And that attracts tourists. Residents of Madrid, for example, have encountered many French people on the terraces in their city in recent days. Due to the relaxation in the Spanish capital, the French want to escape the strict regime in French cities such as Paris. 

Number of corona cases in Madrid is rising again 

After the peak of the third wave in January, the situation in much of Spain is currently manageable, according to news site RTVE, but the number of infections in Madrid is rising again. On Wednesday, the average incidence over the past 14 days in Spain was 128 corona cases per 100,000 residents. In Madrid, however, this number is 224 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which means that there is still a high risk in Madrid. 

However, regional president Ayuso is not yet concerned, according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. “Visitors from other countries are welcome, as long as they follow the rules,” Ayuso said after her promise not to let down the hospitality industry in Madrid. Whether this attitude is smart will show in the coming weeks. 


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