Spanish couple goes viral by living the dream of many

From ruin to dream homes in the Spanish Pyrenees

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Many people dream of drastically changing the course of their lives. It is not without reason that programs about people who start over in a foreign country are so successful. In Spain, thousands of (almost) deserted hamlets offer a great breeding ground for these kinds of dreams. Anyone who makes such a dream a reality can count on an enthusiastic following.

The Spanish couple Abraham and Marta noticed this. In 2015 they bought a dilapidated house in a forest in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Their goal: to renovate the building step by step into their winter home. Every weekend they travelled 300 kilometres to realise their dream. They reported their adventures on their Instagram account @cuatro_piedras, where they have become a viral hit.

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From ruin to cozy home

ruinThe couple, who now have young children, recently shared a video of the impressive transformation of their home. That video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, according to El Perdiodico de Aragón. The images show the entire process from purchasing the ruins to the moment when they spend their second winter in their newly renovated house. Due to the poor condition of the house and its remote location, Abraham and Marta had to make a lot of effort. For example, they had to build their access road to reach their home. Furthermore, the area around it had to be thoroughly cleaned to reveal the true potential of their dream.

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A family project in the wilderness

Despite the challenging weather conditions of the Pyrenees – months of cold, rain, and snow – the family, including their young children, decided to rebuild the adjacent barn to the main house. “Every Friday we drove 300 kilometres from Barcelona to here, worked on Saturday and Sunday morning, and returned to our lives in Barcelona in the afternoon,” the couple says about their weekend work.

Two years of hard work

dream homeAfter two years, Casa Ciscote was completely renovated and ready to be occupied. But it didn’t stop there for Abraham and Martha. They continued to improve the environment of the property. For example, they restored stone walls and built a new access road to the house. They also removed all the rubble to live more comfortably in this beautiful environment.

And everything indicates that this was not the last step this family took in their dream home in the Spanish high mountains. They have become an inspiration for many who also dream of a life closer to nature.

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