Six abandoned villages in Spain for sale for less than 100,000 euros

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abandoned villages

Spain is dotted with abandoned villages, known as ‘Aldeas abandonadas’ in Spanish. Increasingly, news reports surface about people purchasing these deserted hamlets in their entirety to breathe new life into them. Often, these endeavors are driven by idealistic visions of self-sufficiency or ecotourism.

According to the latest official counts, there are approximately 3,000 such villages in Spain. Additionally, there are around 2,000 villages with only one resident left. Most of these abandoned villages are located in the lush regions of Galicia and Asturias, but they can also be found in the provinces of Teruel, Cuenca, and the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees as more hamlets fall into decay due to their last residents leaving.

Dreaming away

If you ever find yourself daydreaming about a future in a tranquil, green setting, you can explore the website (in Spanish). There, you’ll find a diverse selection of hamlets and villages neatly categorized by province. You can also browse through castles, country houses, manors, or wineries. Keep in mind that the more attractively priced a village is, the more work it may require. In essence, you’ll be purchasing a group of ruins.

If you also harbor a ‘moving abroad’ dream like this, offers an ideal platform for virtual exploration and daydreaming. We did just that and found six hamlets, all priced at less than 100,000 euros.

Village in Lugo

This village comprises six buildings, including a main house of 140m2 with a renovated roof. There are three other houses in need of renovation, as well as a well-preserved barn. The property sits on a 13,000 m2 plot with meadows, fields, pine, and eucalyptus trees, offering beautiful views of the valley and mountains. The area is known for hunting and fishing, and the hamlet has its own spring and water source, with good mobile signal coverage. The nearest beach is 37 km away, the city of Lugo is 50 km away, and the nearest national road is 800 meters away. The price has been reduced from €88,500 to €73,000.

Village in Almería

Almería hamlet

A complex with 447m2 of usable space, divided into 3 to 4 buildings, one of which is completely renovated. Another building is an old farmhouse. The property includes a garden and is located 78 kilometers from the city of Almería and 150 kilometers east of Granada. The residential house is partially renovated, and the price is 65,000 euros.

Village in La Rioja

This hamlet is mostly in a state of disrepair, except for certain structures such as the church tower. In total, there are nine buildings on a 4,000m2 plot with three streets. The village offers stunning views over the Ebro River Valley and is surrounded by holm oaks, common oaks, and hedges. Originally priced at 79,000 euros, it can now be yours for 49,000 euros.

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Hamlet in Burgos


Located in northern Burgos, just an hour’s drive from the beaches of Cantabria and the Basque Country, is a 1-hectare estate for sale for 61,500 euros. It includes three Pasiega huts over 200 years old, situated at the foot of the mountains. There is access to water and electricity. The huts are constructed from local stone and oak wood, each with two floors, totaling 250m2 of usable space.


Village in Segovia

This abandoned village in the province of Segovia boasts 12 houses, along with their stables and gardens, covering about 2,800m2. The total plot size is 5,500m2 and is ideal for rural tourism. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it’s only 2 kilometers from a larger village. The access road is easily passable in both winter and summer. Electricity is yet to be arranged but is possible, or solar panels can provide a solution. The price is 100,000 euros.

Village in Pontevedra

This hamlet in Pontevedra consists of four houses in need of restoration. The total land area is approximately 4,000 square meters, with one plot measuring 456 square meters and another measuring 3,844 square meters. The property is entirely enclosed by ancient stone walls. Three of the houses have an area of about 49 square meters per floor and consist of two floors. The last house has an area of 40 square meters. The village is located 25 kilometers from the city of Pontevedra, well-connected, and close to a larger town with all amenities. The price is 88,000 euros.

Village in Ourense


This hamlet in Ourense (Galicia) is for sale and consists of various buildings, including two adjacent two-story houses. One of them is in good habitable condition and ready to move into. It also includes gardens, space for vegetable gardens, and an old bread oven. The price has recently been reduced from 99,800 euros to 59,000 euros.

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