Hamlet for sale in green Galicia

by Lorraine Williamson
Trabada - hamlet for sale in green Galicia, Spain

PROVINCIA DE LUGO – Those seeking a life in the middle of nature should pay attention. In ‘green’ Spain, a hamlet is for sale on the Camino de Santiago, Galicia. Furthermore, it is near the coast with a famous beach and next to a protected nature reserve with three rivers. 

For €160,000 you can buy 3 houses in this hamlet that are more than a century old. However, they are in a dilapidated state. But could pose as a dream or challenge for fans of popular television programmes in which people buy such properties and transform them into a successful B&B or holiday home.  

The Finca for sale is located on a plot of no less than 25,000 square metres that can be divided into several plots. Included in the price are two ancient ‘horreos’*, a fountain, a bodega and a stone oven. The plot is located in the parish of Trabada which belongs to the municipality of Trabada in the Mariña Oriental region in the Galician province of Lugo. 

Paradise environment 

This area is a paradise for bird watchers, hikers and people seeking tranquillity. The coast with the famous resort of Ribadeo is only 25 kilometres away and the same goes for the famous beach Playa de las Catedrales. Lugo is only 92 kilometres away. 

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The municipality of 1107 inhabitants is located 200 metres above sea level in the middle of green, rolling hills that are partly covered with lush forests and rivers full of wildlife. Also spectacular, is the natural environment of the Ribadeo estuary, at the level of the parish of Ría de Abres.

Mild climate 

The local climate, of the Atlantic type, is characterised by cool summers and mild winters. It does rain a lot, but there are often alternating sunny periods outside, which promotes abundant vegetation. The average annual temperature is 12 degrees Celsius, with a summer average of 23 degrees and 3 degrees in winter. 

What can you buy for 160,000 euros? 

In total, according to Idealista, 1,000 square metres have been built, of which 720m2 are usable, 7 rooms spread over 2 floors and 3 bathrooms. The largest house in this unique village has a usable area of 300 m2. The second is just as spacious, with 280 m2. And the third, the smallest, reaches 140 m2. 

*A hórreo is a structure that you mainly encounter in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. A hórreo was used as a granary and built-in wood or stone. The barn is built on pillars that end in flat city gems to prevent mice and rats from feasting on the stored grains. The walls are full of slits for ventilation. 

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