Spain´s 5-11-year-olds to receive Corona vaccine

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Further to our earlier post on Facebook regarding the green light for Spain´s 5–11-year-olds receiving the vaccination against coronavirus, the Ministry of Health has made an official statement on the government website.

The decision was based on the earlier proposal made by the Vaccine Committee. Therefore, vaccines for the children are expected to arrive in Spain, ready for distribution throughout the country from December 13. The first vaccinations will commence on December 15.

3.3 million 5-11-year olds in Spain

There are around 3.3 million children who come under this age group in Spain. Currently, children in this 5-11-year-olds group have the highest incidence rate. Therefore, this will help to reduce group transmission among families and friends. It will also help regarding the uncertainty of the effect the Omicron variant may have

On November 25, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorised the Pfizer Comirnaty children’s vaccine for this age group. Furthermore, the vaccine will be dispensed in vials different from those used for adults.

To enable as many children to be vaccinated as quickly as possible, there will be a gap of 8 weeks before the 1st vaccination and the 2nd dose. This will also help increase the immunity among this group.

Potential side effects

According to the EMA, the most common side effects in children in the  5-11-year-olds grojup are similar to those in people aged 12 and above. They include pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, and chills. These effects are usually mild or moderate and improve within a few days of vaccination. 

However, once again, they reiterate the benefits outweigh the potential risks.

Vaccination rates

So far, more than 76 million COVID-19 vaccines have been administered to almost 90% of the population over the age of 12. Furthermore, over 5 million booster doses have also been given to people over 60 and to those previously vaccinated with the Janssen jab.

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