Sixth corona wave visible in Spain despite 90% vaccinated

by Lorraine Williamson
sixth corona wave

MADRID – The sixth corona wave has been clearly visible in Spain for several weeks. Despite the high vaccination rate of 90%, infections are increasing exponentially. Prime Minister Sánchez said on Sunday that he would start vaccinating children very quickly. 

Spain seemed to be in a favourable position a few weeks ago. And as infections rose in other European countries and Spain seemed to be doing well with a high vaccination rate. However, the situation is different now. Infections are increasing across the country. On December 3, the corona incidence was 248.2 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure that has been increasing by more than 10 points per day for the past period. 

On Sunday, Prime Minister Sanchez spoke at a meeting of his party, the PSOE, about the increasing infections. In it, he indicated that with the knowledge of now, and the right caution, he is convinced that the country is overcoming the pandemic. 

Will Spain start vaccinating children ‘very soon’? 

Just before the weekend, the Spanish newspaper El País reported that 1.3 million pediatric vaccines from Pfizer are on their way to Spain and will arrive from December 13. Another 2 million of these vaccines will follow in January to help combat the sixth corona wave. 

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At the beginning of December, Health Minister Darias announced that with this number of vaccines, all children between the ages of 5 and 11 can receive a first dose. Sánchez also confirmed on Sunday that Spain will start vaccinating children “in the very short term”. Nevertheless, Spain’s National Health Council will not meet until this Tuesday to make the final decision on vaccinating children. 

High peak in Spanish hospitals not yet visible 

The increase in the number of infections was already visible at the beginning of November. Although more people have been hospitalised after a corona infection in recent days, these figures are not yet rising exponentially in Spain. 

The occupancy rate of corona patients in Spanish intensive care units is about 8.8% nationally. The situation in Catalonia and La Rioja is slightly more dire, with more than 15% of the IC beds occupied with corona patients. In Andalusia, Extremadura, and Galicia, the situation is still well under control with occupancy rates around 4%. 

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