Guardia Civil arrest 6 and intercept 2.5 tons of hashish at sea

by Lorraine Williamson
2.5 tons of hashish - screen grab from official Guardia Civil YouTube video

HUELVA – In a chase at sea off the coast of Ayamonte (Huelva), the Guardia Civil apprehended 6 people and seized 2.5 tons of hashish.

As the chase continued, the suspects ignored warnings from the Guardia Civil and tried to escape. As they were doing so, they began to throw bales of hashish and fuel pouches into the sea. You can see this clearly from the official Guardia Civil video.

Guardia Civil

The operation began when Maritime Service agents of the Guardia Civil saw 2 people aboard a boat in the area between Ayamonte and Isla Cristina. They then noticed the boat was heading toward a semi-rigid boat. The boat was around 12 metres long and had three engines.


This looked potentially suspicious to the police, so they decided to make a direct approach to find out. However, when the suspects became aware of the police presence, the 2 people climbed aboard the semi-rigid boat, and they fled further out to sea.


After a long chase, and many warnings, the police were eventually able to board the boat and arrest all 6 occupants and seize the 2.5 tons of hashish.

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