Another successful Guardia Civil raid stops an alleged money laundering outfit

by Lorraine Williamson
money laundering outfit properties seized - screen grab from Guardia Civil YouTube video

CADIZ – Operation Talofita was concentrated in the province of Cadiz. Police learned of an alleged money laundering outfit run by a criminal organisation. And, due to the amounts of money involved, it seemed likely this gang had been working for many years.

According to Guardia Civil official reports, as the investigation continued, police found out that the organisation was led by a well-known character in Sanlúcar known as “Doro”. He had a long history of drug trafficking. Not only that, but his wife, is the daughter of a local drug trafficker known as “el Acuático.”

Money laundering outfit

The husband and wife oversaw all the “businesses” to launder large amounts of money from illicit origin. They had a large and complex network of companies to enable this. Each of the companies involved family members and friends in key positions

One such family member had not worked or declared an income for nearly 10 years, yet in 2017 was able to purchase a fishing boat worth nearly half a million euros. He also owns several financial products, bank accounts, and financial investments and securities totalling over half a million euros.

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

Also, in 2017 a local football club that was in bankruptcy was rescued by the leader of the organisation. After appointing himself as club president, he made various capital injections with black money to clean up the club’s accounts and started all kinds of works.

Another relative of one of the “trusted networks of friends”, despite being a pensioner, was able to become a music promoter. He organised a concert in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, with a well-known American reggaeton and Latin trap singer. More than €900,000 was paid out for this event.


Searches were carried out in 5 houses simultaneously. These took place in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Chipiona, where 11 properties, 2 fishing boats, cash, and 24 vehicles have been intervened. Also, more than 40 financial products have been blocked between bank accounts deposits, safety deposit boxes, investment funds, and documentation.

The successful operation has resulted in 11 arrests from the organisation dedicated to money laundering of the cash from drug trafficking. And, the seizure of more than €3 million in cash, in addition to that noted above. Nine legal entities have also been immobilised.

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