Spain starts “operation summer 2022” with reinforcement of police forces

by Lorraine Williamson
"Operation summer 2022"

MADRID – Given the expected crowds when a few million tourists visit Spain this summer, the Ministry of the Interior has strengthened the police force. These are extra officers for the National Police and the Guardia Civil and form part of “Operation summer 2022”.

Interior’s focus is on tourist destinations. More than 3,600 officers from the National Police and the Guardia Civil are strengthening the staff of nine autonomous communities. This is where a larger number of tourists is expected this summer. 

3,629 Additional Agents 

This year, 3,629 officers (2,442 national police officers and 1,187 vigilantes) are expected to reinforce the staff of nine autonomous communities;

From July 1 to August 31;

  • Andalucia
  • Asturias
  • Canary Islands
  • Cantabria
  • Valencian Community
  • Galicia
  • Madrid
  • Murcia

From July 1 to September 30;

Balearic Islands. 

Police apparatus bigger than two previous summers 

The Ministry of the Interior emphasizes that by adding this reinforcement, the deployment during “Operation Summer 2022” will consist of 45,028 officers spread over the two corps (24,442 national police and 20,586 vigilantes). The ministry underlines that the device will be larger than in the two previous summers. Due to the low incidence of the pandemic and the consequent lifting of travel restrictions and controls, it is estimated that the number of tourists will be “comparable to or even higher than that in the year 2019”. 

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More security in ports, airports, hotels, and beaches 

Home Office emphasizes that the operation aims to increase preventive surveillance of urban and interurban connecting routes, stations, ports, airports, hotels, beaches, and campsites. There is also extra surveillance at events that attract a large number of people. 

Intensification of the fight against domestic burglary 

Police forces will also intensify the fight against itinerant crime and home robberies. In doing so, vigilance against cyber scams is increased. This is because people are increasingly using the internet to book accommodation, travel packages, and other tourist services. 

Spain will also strengthen controls at airports, despite the government’s systematic denial of the chaos that airline Iberia says has caused passport controls due to staff shortages. 

Plan Safe Tourism 

This “Operation Summer 2022” is an addition to the Safe Tourism Plan. The Secretary of State for Security will soon be launching this plan across Spain. With the plan, the ministry wants to prevent both domestic and foreign tourists from falling victim to criminal acts while traveling and staying in the various tourist enclaves. Moreover, they want to give them the necessary assistance and advice to guarantee their safety. 

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