Spain is paradise for pensioners

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Spain great for pensioners

Spain scores comes a commendable second place on the list of attractive European countries for pensioners. It is just ahead of Finland and followed by Slovenia and the Netherlands. This was revealed in a survey by financial service provider Blacktower.

Every year, millions of employees close their laptops for good, stow away their toolboxes or shutter their businesses to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Not all of them stay in their home town or country; countless retirees decide to celebrate the end of their working lives by moving to other countries. From the sunny beaches of Spain to the snow-capped mountains of the Alps, Europe has some of the best countries in the world to enjoy retirement. 

Spain comes a sterling second  

Blacktowercompiled a ranking of more than 40 countries. The list ranks European countries according to various factors, such as crime rate, cost of living, percentage of population over 65, house prices and life expectancy. Spain is the second best place in Europe to retire. 

Finland tops the list with an overall score of 3.83. The Scandinavian country attracts millions of retirees every year for its breath-taking views, lakes, vast forests and picturesque towns. According to Blacktower, it is the friendly people and the relaxed way of life that make this country a perfect destination for those wanting to enjoy their ‘golden years’. 

Baycrest Wealth

Right behind Spain follow Slovenia and the Netherlands. The financial services provider stresses Spain is one of the favourite destinations because of its good weather, varied gastronomy and endless coastline. The last in the European rankings are Norway, Hungary and Great Britain. 

Other ‘winners’  

According to the survey, Serbia is the country with the lowest house prices. Italy is the country with the largest population aged 65 and over. This means pensioners there will easily connect with people of a similar age, according to Blackwater.  

The country with the best life expectancy in Europe is Switzerland, where a person lives to be 83 on average. Ukraine has the lowest standard of living.  


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