Police in Spain seize luxury cars stolen in US

by Lorraine Williamson
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ALGECIRAS – Good news for luxury car owners in the United States as Spanish authorities in collaboration with their American counterparts have recovered 24 high-end vehicles stolen from the US. Moreover, the cars were about to be shipped to Africa.  

The recovered cars include Porsches and Cadillacs worth an estimated €2 million. These vehicles were intercepted in the port of Algeciras in Spain’s southern province of Cadiz. The authorities worked tirelessly to prevent the vehicles from reaching their final destination, where they would have been sold. Furthermore, if this happened, their trail would have been lost forever.

Algeciras port

ABC writes that according to the Spanish Guardia Civil, Algeciras has become the final barrier for luxury car thieves in the United States, who send their cargo to Africa. In January, the port authorities identified an increase in the illicit trafficking of high-end vehicles arriving in Spain. These cars arrive via containers on cargo ships from the US. Consequently, the authorities initiated a phase of intensive monitoring and inspection of containers in transit.  

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Owners identified

Their efforts paid off, resulting in the recovery of 24 luxury cars that had been stolen in the US. Furthermore, the Spanish investigators identified the vehicles’ origin. And, after confirming the identity of their rightful owners, their cars can now be returned to them. The success of the operation has prompted an ongoing collaboration between Spanish and American authorities to continue investigations into the theft of luxury vehicles. 

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Guardia Civil and the Spanish Tax Agency, the stolen cars were intercepted in the Algeciras port facilities. The recovery of these high-end vehicles is a blow to the lucrative business of stealing luxury cars in the US for export to African markets. In Africa criminals can fetch high prices.  

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