Accumulation of waste threatens Tenerife’s tourist destination

by Lorraine Williamson
Tenerife´s waste

 ADEJE – Tenerife´s waste in Puertito de Adeje is piling up and is a growing problem for the tourist destination. In order to protect the image of the island´s main tourist municipality, the issue needs to be addressed urgently. 

In 2019, Adeje had no fewer than 4.7 million overnight stays. According to news outlet Diario de Avisos, residents and tourists are throwing rubbish onto the streets and into the sea. This is damaging the destination that is especially popular among swimmers, divers and snorkelers. 

Tenerife´s waste has consequences for public health 

However, the problem goes beyond just the tourist image. The accumulation of waste can also have public health implications, such as the appearance of rats and insects. In addition, it can lead to environmental problems with negative consequences for the marine ecosystems and flora and fauna of the area, which is also a natural enclave with a marine micro-reserve. 

Appeal to residents and tourists 

For these reasons, the city council has called on residents and tourists to be responsible and properly dispose of their waste in the appropriate containers. “By working together, we can ensure that this beautiful destination remains protected for future generations,” the municipality said in a statement. 

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