Over-65s shop more cheaply with discount card at Carrefour in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
supermarket discount for over-65s

Inflation is taking its toll on everyone’s wallet, the price increases are clearly noticeable when shopping. Even for the over-65s, the situation in supermarkets does not go unnoticed. 

Since January 1, the Spanish government has removed VAT on basic products such as bread, milk, cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables and potatoes. It also reduced VAT on olive oil, sunflower oil and pasta from 10% to  5%. However, despite these measures  which at the moment, are valid until the end of June, and an 8.5% increase in contributory pensions and a 15% revaluation for non-contributory pensions, many Spanish pensioners are struggling to make ends meet. 

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The benefits of the Tarjeta 65+  

Supermarkets and hypermarkets are coming to the rescue to ease their situation, such as vouchers or discount cards. This is also the case at Carrefour, the originally French supermarket chain that launched the Tarjeta 65+ a few years ago for over-65s receiving an old-age pension. With this, not only groceries are cheaper, but over-65s can also fill up cheaper at certain petrol stations and save on insurance premiums. In addition, they can benefit from discount vouchers every quarter; to redeem them, however, the 65+ Card must be shown in the shop. Shopping online or via the MijnCarrefour App is also possible. 

Applying is very easy 

Over-65s can apply for this card completely free of charge in all Carrefour outlets on presentation of a national identity card. Any family member or relative can also apply for this card. A company employee will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire with personal details. The condition for becoming a member is to be a member of “El Club Carrefour”. Interested parties can also become a member through Carrefour’s website by following the steps indicated. 

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