Police arrest members of another youth gang

by Lorraine Williamson
youth gang member arrested

TOLEDO – As part of “Operation Block”, the Guardia Civil have arrested 7 minors. Those arrested are said to belong to the violent youth gang called “Blood”.

The arrests were made for the alleged crimes of extortion and belonging to a criminal organisation.

Control of an area

Police had been investigating a series of fights and criminal acts carried out by youths in different towns in La Sagra, Toledo.

According to police reports, those arrested, intended to settle in towns near the city of Toledo. Furthermore, they planned to control different areas of La Sagra in Toledo.

As a violent youth gang, they would attempt to exercise power and control in a coercive manner over specific sectors of the population. This would especially be the youngest members of society. They would also intend to attract new members by getting them to leave home and join the gang.

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Furthermore, to achieve its purpose, the group would be committing different criminal acts in the area. These would mainly be threats, robberies, and injuries that they would carry out in a group, organised, and violent manner.

Youth gang territory

Moreover, these types of youth gangs aspire to control certain geographical areas. They want to establish themselves in territorial groups dedicated to committing crimes.

Subsequently, the arrests were made in the towns of Bargas, Olías del Rey, Magán, and Sonseca.

The investigation has been carried out by the Toledo Command Information Group and the Roca Team of the Illescas Company (Toledo) in collaboration with the Civil Guard Information Headquarters (UCE-3).

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