Persecuted husband of the mayor of Marbella dies

by Lorraine Williamson
Mayor of Marbella husband

MARBELLA – On Saturday afternoon, 80-year-old Lars Gunnar Sune Broberg passed away in Marbella. He was the husband of Angeles Muñoz, the mayor of the southern Spanish resort of Marbella. Broberg was prosecuted for a criminal organisation and drug money laundering. 

Muñoz has been mayor of Marbella for the Partido Popular since 2007. Her husband was 80 years old and had been struggling with health problems for some time. furthermore, he was recently admitted to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella with a complicated health condition. He had heart problems. 

The trial began

After police dismantled an alleged criminal organisation exporting marijuana and hashish in large quantities from Andalucia to Sweden in 2021, the judge decided to try 27 people, including Lars Gunnar Broberg. That happened on September 29, 2022. 

The National Court’s Anti-Drug Prosecutor and the Investigating Judge attributed the Swedish businessman, who has lived in Marbella for decades, involvement in one crime of “active” belonging to a criminal organisation and another of money laundering from drug trafficking. A conviction for either crime could be up to 14 years in prison. 

In addition, Lars Broberg was one of the defendants on whom the judge imposed bail of €25 million. This was to meet possible criminal responsibilities once the verdict was passed. However, that obligation was ended after the case against the man was dropped. Moreover, this was due to the serious physical and mental deterioration of the defendant. 

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Drug trafficking

Joakim Broberg, the stepson of Ángeles Muñoz and son of the construction contractor, is also being prosecuted for drug trafficking. As part of the investigation into the criminal organisation dedicated to the transport of cannabis from Andalucia, his mobile phone was tapped. The UDEF then concluded that the intercepted conversations revealed: “the great influence the Swede has on urban issues”. This would be mainly due to “the kinship relations with the mayor of Marbella”. 

A second report along the same lines pointed out that the mayor’s stepson had “privileged information” to build in an area of Marbella. Do operation depends on the PGOU which still has to be approved by the city council and the Junta de Andalucía, both held by the PP. 

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