Court seizes residence son of mayor Marbella

by Lorraine Williamson
son of Marbella mayor

MARBELLA – A judge has seized the house in Marbella of one of the two biological sons of the mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz. The villa is in the name of a Panamanian offshore company owned by Alexander Broberg Muñoz, Joakim Broberg’s half-brother. 

It is a luxury villa by the sea, in the urbanisation Linda Vista de San Pedro Alcántara, near Guadalmina. This is in the name of the Panamanian company Leslie Company Inc. The Panamanian company is accused by the above-mentioned magistrate of participating in a drug trafficking, money laundering operation allegedly carried out by the stepson of the PP councillor, Joakim Peter Broberg (Alexander’s half-brother). Joakim has already been charged with such crimes. These include belonging to a criminal organisation, which he is said to be “the leader” according to judicial investigators. 

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Leslie Inc. family business of the Brobergs 

Vozpópuli revealed on November 4, with documents from the Panama Mercantile Registry, that Leslie Inc was also partly owned by Lars Broberg, the husband of Marbella’s mayor and also a senator from the Partido Popular. Their two sons Alexander and Christian Broberg are also said to be partial owners of the offshore company under investigation. Both were investigated by the police at the time, but have not been prosecuted to this day. 


New in the case is that on the lot and house of Leslie Inc. in San Pedro a preventive embargo of the national court was declared in July 2021. Moreover, this was five months after the arrest of the mayor’s husband. In the ‘Nota Simple’* of 11 January 2023, judge García Castellón orders the “prohibition of alienation, transfer, or any other encumbrance” affecting this property, due to the abridged procedure 38/2019 “against Mr Joakim Peter Broberg”. 

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Seizure of three mayor’s properties 

Judge García Castellón has already seized three properties owned by Angeles Muñoz that she owns as a sole partner through the company Hacienda Property SL. This precautionary measure took place in December 2020. It was five months after Muñoz acquired 100% of the share capital after her husband sold the remaining 50% of the company. He owned this company as a sole partner when it was founded in 1998. He then donated it to the Gibraltarian offshore company Cutaga Limited. 

The three properties of Ángeles Muñoz that were seized are;

  • a 4,800 square metre building plot in Marbella
  • an industrial warehouse in Marbella
  • a mooring in Puerto Banús for the yacht the couple is enjoying

In the extensive 2019 statement before the Spanish Upper House, the senator acknowledged her husband’s gift of 50% of Hacienda Property SL. Muñoz had left the declaration’s donation box empty. 

It was only the day after Vozpópuli broke the news of the unreported wealth increase on the front page that Muñoz expanded her November 17, 2022 statement. That same day, Vozpópuli also revealed that she is the sole owner of the house in Sweden. Whereas, she always claimed to own only 50%. Hours later, that revelation led to the 62-year-old former politician declaring 100% owner of the Scandinavian property. This was also before the Senate. 

*What is a ‘nota simple’ 

A ‘nota simple’ is a document in Spain that provides information about a specific property. This includes information such as its ownership history, outstanding mortgages or liens, and any encumbrances or any associated legal issues.  A ‘nota simple’ is required when buying or selling real estate. It serves as proof of ownership and clear title. It is issued by the “Registro de la Propiedad” (Land Registry). 

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