Panda twins born in Madrid zoo

by Lorraine Williamson
panda twins

MADRID – In early September, healthy panda twins were born at the Zoo Aquarium Madrid. The mayor of Madrid recently went on a maternity visit after which he invited the people of Madrid to come up with names for the latest addition to the Spanish zoo. 

The birth of the panda twins became national news because the giant panda is still an endangered species. As such, Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida of Madrid visited the zoo. He then called on all Madrilenians via Twitter to help name the animals. 

Madrilenians suggest names for panda babies 

Residents of the Spanish region suggested names of Madrid politicians such as Almeida and Ayuso. Football players such as Koke and Suárez were also high on the list. Others find the names Pfizer and AstraZeneca appropriate due to the time in which the animals were born. 

Cogesa Expats

Second twins for panda female in Madrid 

Panda female Hua Zui Ba previously gave birth to twins. With the birth of these two pandas on September 6, seven panda babies have now been born in the history of the Spanish zoo. The Zoo Aquarium Madrid turns 50 next year and is very proud to share photos of their latest addition. After birth, the panda babies are completely dependent on their mother for 4 months until they can walk independently and the public can admire them. 

Five pandas in Spanish zoo very special 

Zoo Aquarium Madrid is set up according to the Geo-Zoo principle, where the animals are grouped by region of origin. There are five geographical areas: Asia, America, Africa, Australia, and Europe. In the Asian part are the giant pandas, the biggest eye-catchers of Zoo Aquarium Madrid. The current pair came to Madrid from China in September 2007, after the zoo had successfully kept giant pandas in the past. 

How many pandas live in the world? 

According to Zoo Aquarium Madrid, there are 1,864 pandas in the world, of which about 600 are in zoos. Five pandas currently live in the zoo in Madrid. The panda has been an endangered species for years. Its living environment (especially in China) is under threat because forests are being cut down, making it harder for pandas to find bamboo. Many pandas are getting further and further away from food and other pandas and are isolated as a result, endangering the survival of the panda. 


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