New tax will make many products more expensive in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
new tax on non-recyclable packaging

MADRID – As if lots of products are not already expensive enough due to the high inflation, a new tax that the Spanish government will introduce on January 1 will add to that. 

It is a new tax of €0.45 on all products packaged in non-recyclable plastic in Spain. Furthermore, the Spanish government will introduce this from January 1, 2023. The Tax and Customs Administration has announced this on its website. Moreover, the government already decided to introduce this tax on April 8 this year. The levy is laid down in law in the Waste and Contaminated Soils Act for a Circular Economy. 

What is covered by this levy? 

The taxes are levied on all non-recyclable plastic packaging. It does not matter what these packaging are used for. Whether it concerns protecting, trading, distributing or presenting goods. In addition, the tax also applies to semi-finished plastic products intended for the production of such packaging. 

Purpose of the tax 

The purpose of this taxation is to discourage the production and use of non-recyclable plastic packaging material. Instead, bioplastics should be used. These are plastics made from natural products. 

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Discontent in many sectors 

This form of taxation will put many sectors at a considerable disadvantage. They see their products become significantly more expensive. Think of the food and beverage industry, perfumeries, drugstores, catering establishments, textile stores, hardware stores and DIY stores. 

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According to the Spanish Food and Beverage Industry Federation (FIAB), Spain will be the only country where this form of tax will be levied from next year. The main consumer sectors are therefore calling on the government to postpone the packaging tax. 

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