PSOE and Sumar reach agreement to limit the number of domestic flights

by Lorraine Williamson
domestic flight

The socialist PSOE and radical left-wing party Sumar have reached an agreement in the Spanish Congress to reduce domestic flights. These are routes of less than two and a half hours, for which there is an alternative by train.

The condition is that they are not connected to hub airports that connect to international routes. And that the measure does not have any adverse effects on tourism.

Domestic flights of up to two and a half hours

In the initial formulation of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz’s party, was a call to study a reduction in the number of flights. The agreement reached already encourages the government to do so. On the other hand, it concerns fewer flights than Sumar proposed. The original proposal provided for flights of up to three hours. Now it remains with flights with train alternatives of up to two and a half hours.

Analysis by the European Commission

The parties PSOE and Sumar have also agreed to analyse the directive that is being drawn up within the framework of the European Commission. This is about the taxation of energy products and European initiatives regarding the restriction of private jet flights.

No impact on tourism

The agreement was reached, but the PSOE did impose conditions. First of all, the restriction on short-haul flights must not have a negative impact on tourism. Secondly, there must be a guarantee that there is a rail network ‘up to the task’.

Cogesa Expats

PP and Vox reject measure to reduce domestic flights

Both the far-right Vox party and the conservative Partido Popular have rejected the measure. The PP considers the initiative to be ineffective. Because, according to calculations, this would only mean a 0.06% reduction in emissions.

Vox has criticised Sumar for presenting the proposal without calculating its economic impact. “Barbaric” is what the party chairman called it, to propose a tax on kerosene. Because this could mean a reduction of 4.5 million tourists per year.

Finally, Junts has also insisted that the reduction in the number of flights continues. According to Junts, this can be done “by analysing the supply and quality of the existing rail offer and the required supply”.

In addition, the separatists also want to promote the unblocking of the ‘Single European Sky’ initiative. They also see this as a measure with a “major impact” on the reduction of emissions from commercial aviation.

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