Costa del Sol wants to get rid of tolls on AP-7

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AP-7 toll road

Mayors and the tourism sector of key coastal municipalities such as Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Mijas, Marbella and Estepona have made a joint call for the central government to lift the toll on the AP-7 motorway. They are also increasing pressure to extend the coastal train from Fuengirola to the Campo de Gibraltar.

This coastal train would make it easier for travellers to travel between Málaga and the Cádiz coast and all municipalities in between. Currently the coastal train runs from Málaga city and has Fuengirola as its terminus. This is the busiest short distance train from Cercanías in Spain. Passengers regularly have to wait because the train is too full during rush hour. Furthermore, many holidaymakers use the connection to travel to and from Málaga airport.

United against tolls

This call is also a response to the persistent traffic on the coastal road between Málaga and Estepona. Even outside the high season. This regularly leads to long traffic jams. Accidents often occur due to the extremely short driveways from the many residential areas onto the coastal road. Ana Mula, Mayor of Fuengirola, stressed the need for better connections in line with the economic and demographic importance of the Costa del Sol. She therefore advocated the expansion of the Cercanías train network as a more sustainable solution than eliminating the toll. However, it is recognised that the latter can be a temporary measure to improve traffic flow.

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Call to action

Ana Carmen Mata, mayor of Mijas, and José María García Urbano, mayor of Estepona, also emphasise the urgency of the situation. They point to the chaotic traffic situation along the coast and the need for a train connection as a long-term solution. García Urbano criticises the central government for ignoring the mobility problems in this part of Andalucia. For decades, people have been calling for a realistic train project as an alternative to road traffic, but this remains conspicuous by its absence. Marbella is the largest municipality in Spain that does not have a train connection.

Unanimity in the Provincial Council

The Provincial Council of Málaga has discussed the proposal of the Partido Popular (PP). This calls on the central government to temporarily suspend the toll on the AP-7, pending the realisation of the coastal train. This proposal, which has also been approved by many municipalities, was adopted unanimously on Wednesday. Without tolls, many more people will use the AP-7 between Fuengirola and Estepona. Consequently, this will significantly relieve the current A-7 coastal road.

An urgent need for infrastructure

With more and more inhabitants, an increasing number of tourists visiting the coast every year and countless cranes in places where work is being done diligently on completely new residential areas, the traffic problem is becoming increasingly urgent. The mobility and accessibility of the Costa del Sol are at stake. Local leaders hope their united stance will spur the central government to take action to improve the region’s quality of life and economic vitality.

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