More facial recognition at Spanish airports

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facial recognition at airports

The Canary Islands airline Binter is taking a major step forward in aviation technology by installing the biometric facial recognition system at six major Spanish airports.

According to Binter, this technological advancement makes check-in and boarding easier for passengers. The system is now available at the airports of Gran Canaria, Tenerife North, Palma de Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Madrid. With this move, Binter follows the path of Vueling, which introduced a similar system earlier this year.

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A smooth travel experience

Thanks to the new biometric feature, travellers can now pass through security checks and boarding gates without having to show any form of identification or boarding pass. This service is offered on a voluntary basis. Passengers must register in advance via the airline’s mobile app. To participate, users must issue their boarding pass at least once via the app or Binter’s website and consent to participate in the program by checking a specific option.

Obligations remain

The Canary Islands airline emphasises that participation in the facial recognition biometric program does not exempt travellers from the obligation to always carry the necessary travel documentation and their boarding pass. Binter Canarias is an established name in Spanish aviation. The company is based in the Canary Islands. Binter was once part of Iberia L.A.E. In 2002, Binter was sold to Hesperia Inversiones Aéreas. That company was founded for the specific purpose of acquiring Binter Canarias.

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