Fewer and fewer local shops in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
local shops

MADRID – The concentration taking place at large distributors in the commercial sector will put an end to thousands of small, local shops. According to UPTA, at least 15,000 self-employed people are forced to close their shops for good. 

UPTA is the Spanish Union of Professionals and Self-Employed and points to the “disastrous trend” seen in recent years in the registers of members in this category in Social Security. Moreover, this trend has accelerated in 2022. 

UPTA points out that the big brands themselves are the first to cause this situation. They prefer to implement direct ‘online’ sales systems instead of continuing to sell the product to traditional merchants. 

“Mafia Practices Against Small Businesses” 

“In addition, they have launched mafia practices against small businesses. They do this by demanding exorbitant terms from them to sell their products,” the complaint reads. The clearest examples of this can be found in the textile and footwear sector. They suffer the most from these corporate dumping practices. 

Cogesa Expats

“Value chain absolutely broken” 

The trade association for the self-employed denounces the fact that the value chain created when a factory-made product is distributed through small companies is “absolutely broken, for the sole purpose of concentrating the market in large distributors or manufacturers”. 

Governments look the other way 

UPTA accuses the governments of Autonomous Communities and the National Ministry of Industry of “continuing to look the other way.” It is devastating to see our towns and cities streets dominated with ‘se traspasa negocio’ posters (case is transferred). 

“We cannot allow the distribution of consumer goods and products to fall into the hands of a few large companies. Because by doing so, we are condemning thousands of families to close their businesses,” UPTA president Eduardo Abad said in the statement. 

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