Residents of Benidorm receive €50 voucher to spend in local shops

by Lorraine Williamson
Benidorm voucher scheme

BENIDORM – The municipality of Benidorm is launching a consumer voucher that residents of the city on Spain’s east coast can redeem at local branches. The campaign will be called #BenidormTeDaMás. 

Firstly, interested companies must join the campaign. Furthermore, anyone aged 18 and over who is registered in Benidorm is eligible for the voucher. Mayor Toni Pérez announced the plan. He explained that the campaign was born out of “active listening and an ongoing dialogue with businesses”. The aim of #BenidormTeDaMás is to encourage consumption in local establishments and thus contribute to the generation of economic activity and employment. 

Benidorm voucher system 

Every resident registered in Benidorm has access to five vouchers of €10 each. This is €50 per registered resident. Until December 31, each €10 voucher can be used as a discount on purchases or drinks for amounts equal to or greater than €20 at the participating locations. In order to get access to the discount of €50, someone has to spend a total of €100. 

Cogesa Expats

Users can access the vouchers via a specific app (in Play Store and Apple Store) or a website. They are presented in QR format. The companies participating in #BenidormTeDaMás can also be consulted in that app or website. 

Participating companies must have their tax address or activity in Benidorm in order to collaborate in the voucher scheme. Like users, branches must register on the web platform and provide the ‘app’ and their opening or activity license. 

Economic impact of €6.2 million

The mayor has reported that a total of more than €3 million euros from the municipal budget has been allocated to this initiative. With these figures in hand, Toni Pérez has emphasised that “if all persons over 18 registered in Benidorm use every voucher, the actual consumption and thus the economic impact of this initiative will be at least €6.2 million. 


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