Mother arrested for abandoning 12-year-old son alone in La Rioja home

by Lorraine Williamson
home alone mother arrested

LA RIOJA – A 49-year-old woman has been detained by the Guardia Civil for allegedly abandoning her 12-year-old son in their La Rioja residence for three days. The child was found alone at home, in a state of neglect, lacking sufficient provisions for his age. He was left to survive on just six eggs, a package of sausages, and a carton of milk.

The Guardia Civil received an alert from social workers, regarding a potential case of a minor left alone at home. A community policing patrol promptly responded to the call, and discovered the 12-year-old alone in the residence.

The child informed both the officers and social workers that he had been alone for three days. Seemingly, his mother had travelled to a town in Valladolid to address some pending matters and had not yet returned. The boy mentioned that his mother had left him €20, which he had already spent.

Home alone

Upon investigation, the authorities verified the precarious situation of the minor, who lacked adequate sustenance for his age. The only items in the refrigerator were six eggs, a package of sausages, and a carton of milk.

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Although the living conditions were found to be in an acceptable state of cleanliness, the temperature inside the home was extremely low due to a malfunctioning heating system. As a result, the child has been referred to the Child Protection Service under the Ministry of Health and Social Policies of the Government of La Rioja for shelter and care.

The mother was located, arrested, and subsequently released with charges pressed against her. The judicial authorities will now be handling the case.

The Government of La Rioja has taken charge of the minor’s welfare.

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