More and more young people in Spain choose a diet to lose weight

by Lorraine Williamson
diet to lose weight

More and more young people in Spain went on a diet in 2022 to lose weight. For the first time since there are figures, there are even more men than women on a diet. However, the reasons for choosing a diet vary among men and women. 

Young Spaniards between the ages of 15 and 29 increasingly went on a diet last year in an attempt to lose a few kilos. One in five young people in Spain now opts for this. That is 7.9% more than in 2017. These figures come from the latest research into youth and health by the Mutua Madrileña and Fad Juventud foundations. 

For the first time more men than women on a diet in Spain 

The percentage of young men who choose a diet has also increased sharply from 14.8% in 2017 to 19.2% in 2022. For the first time since these studies were conducted, there are now more young men than women who follow a diet to lose weight. to fall. The percentage of young women increased from 11.4% to 18.4%. 

What reasons do Spanish youngsters give for dieting? 

Men come up with different reasons why they chose a diet than women. 64.2% of women indicate that they follow a diet to look better. The majority of men (57%) do so for health reasons. 10% of all young people say they diet for medical reasons and 3.5% admit they do it for their partner. 

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Not only young Spaniards are involved in the research. Of all age groups, young people choose a diet most often. Teenagers (between 15 and 19 years old) mainly do this to look better. For people in their twenties, health reasons prevail as motivation to lose weight through a diet. 

Increase in diet among Spanish young people is worrying 

According to director of Fad Juventud, Beatriz Martín Padura, it is worrying that so many young people opt for a diet. She says: “Between the ages of 15 and 29 you are exposed to a great deal of the opinion of others. If you take action in such a vulnerable period because you think that your body is not good enough due to the opinion of others, that is very worrying. In that case, we need to do further research to find out what exactly is the reason that these young people want to change something about themselves.” 

The director of Mutua Madrileña is also concerned that adolescents in particular choose a diet to lose weight. The pressure they experience through social media and the fact that they are concerned about their image leads to psychological disorders that can have major consequences. 

Young men are less concerned than women 

Despite these concerns, young men seem to care less about what others think of them. In 2019, 23% of young men were still concerned about the opinion of others. In the past year that has fallen to 15.5%. However, women are more concerned about the opinion of others. 27.7% of women identify with this. 

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