Flexclinics: International player in orthopaedic surgery on the Costa del Sol

by Lorraine Williamson
Orthopedic treatments


MARBELLA – In the sunny region of the Costa del Sol, top-quality orthopaedic care is available in one’s native language. Flexclinics, an independent treatment centre with roots in Utrecht, opened a branch in southern Spain a year ago. 

The centre specialises in offering a variety of planned orthopaedic treatments such as new hip and knee surgeries, among other recovery procedures. Dutch orthopaedic surgeon Joris van der Lugt, an expert in hip and knee surgeries, has thus far conducted all consultations and surgeries at the private clinic Ceram in Marbella. However, in a recent development, Flexclinics has announced a partnership with the renowned Spanish healthcare group Vithas. With three hospitals in the province of Málaga and eight medical centres along the coast, this collaboration significantly expands the reach of Flexclinics in the region. 

Core focus: Catering to uninsured foreign clients 

Flexclinics’ core focus in this new partnership is to provide care to foreign clients who are not locally insured. This includes not only self-paying patients but also Dutch and Belgians who may have international coverage from their home country. The team works closely with patients to verify insurance coverage in advance. 

Locations: Estepona and Benalmádena 

In terms of location, the Flexclinics team initially carried out surgeries at Hospital Vithas Xanit in Estepona. For more complex surgeries, due in part to underlying health issues, Hospital Vithas Xanit International in Benalmádena is the designated location, especially since it is equipped for ICU admissions. 

The Flexclinics – Vithas collaboration, allows patients to combine the expertise of surgeon Joris van der Lugt with Vithas’ medical team. This ensures the availability of procedures of varying complexity, tailored to the patient’s health. 

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Total patient care with the CARO Health App 

A unique feature of Flexclinics is its pursuit of total patient care. The introduction of the CARO health app in September, available in both English and Dutch, enhances communication between the doctor and the patient. The app provides patients with crucial information before and after their surgery. 

New hip or knee in the Netherlands with an EHIC 

Moreover, there is good news for residents of southern Spain with an International Health Card (EHIC) from Seguridad Social. They can now go to Flexclinics in the Netherlands for hip surgeries, which are covered by Spain under repatriation care, regulated by CAK. This International Health Card can be applied for by anyone insured via Seguridad Social in Spain. This opportunity could be a solution for many, given the long waiting times in Spain for such procedures. 

Want to know more? 

For those interested in undergoing surgery at Flexclinics through this route, getting in touch is as simple as sending an email to info@flexclinics.nl. Flexclinics aims to align the surgery date with the patient’s travel plans, making the process seamless and stress-free. 

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