Need a new hip or knee in Spain?

by Lorraine Williamson
Joris van der lugt

MARBELLA – Joris van der Lugt is an orthopaedist and has been based in Marbella since September. There, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, he makes available his skills as a specialist in hip and knee surgery and traumatologist.

In Spain, this Dutch, but fluent English-speaking specialist from FlexClinics works from Hospital Ceram. However, since the end of November, you can also make an appointment for hip or knee surgery with him at Cenyt Hospital in Estepona. Although Van der Lugt specialises in hips and knees, you can also turn to this Dutch orthopaedist for general orthopaedic and traumatology issues.  

Are operations in Spain insured? 

If you need a new hip or knee or any other operation done by Joris van der Lugt, FlexClinics will provide you with a quotation. This will enable you to check if your insurance will cover it.  However, please note that in principle, an operation or treatment abroad will only be reimbursed up to the amount the procedure would cost in your country of origin. If it turns out to be more expensive, the insured must pay the difference. 

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Based on this written quotation, the patient can also calculate what he or she may still have to pay. The employees of FlexClinics can help you work this out in advance. Therefore, avoiding any surprises. 

Make an appointment 

Patients with insurance abroad can best make an appointment with Joris van der Lugt via FlexClinics. The English-speaking staff will also help organise the surgery in Marbella and relevant insurance paperwork. 

People who already live in Spain and have Spanish private health insurance can make an appointment through Hospital Ceram in Marbella or Hospital Cenyt in Estepona. Van der Lugt is affiliated with both hospitals as an orthopaedic surgeon and traumatologist. Cenyt is a private hospital, but also treats patients who are insured through the Spanish social security system. Therefore, the hospital has contracts with all Spanish insurers. 

Hospital Cenyt has an open outpatient clinic. Moreover, you can make an appointment directly via an app, allowing you to determine a time that suits you to see the orthopaedist. 

More English-speaking orthopaedists coming to Spain 

Good news is that from the spring of 2023 three other Dutch and English-speaking orthopaedists will join Van der Lugt. For a few days a month, they will give consultations in Hospital Ceram in Marbella. These are a hands and wrists orthopaedist, one specialising in feet and sports disorders and a specialist in back surgery. In addition, a second Dutch anaesthetist will work in Spain on a regular basis.

These doctors will all run outpatient clinics and operations. When these specialists return to their country, Van der Lugt takes care of the aftercare for their patients. After the operation, all patients are given a telephone number with which they can easily reach the doctors during rehabilitation. 

Second opinion 

Another important function that Van der Lugt and his colleagues have here in southern Spain for foreign people living on the Costa del Sol. And that is to provide a second opinion. “If you come to the hospital here and you have no idea what the Spanish doctor has told you, I may be able to help you further,” says the orthopaedist. 

If you want to know more or want to make an appointment with Joris van der Lugt, you can visit his website or the website of FlexClinics 

Click here to download the Cenyt Hospital app for iOS and here for Google Play. 


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