Now English speaking orthopaedic consultations and surgery in Marbella

by Lorraine Williamson
orthopaedic surgeon in Marbella

MARBELLA – previously spoke with orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Joris van der Lugt, who will start orthopaedic consultations and surgery in September 2022 under the umbrella of FlexClinics in the private clinic Hospital Ceram in Marbella. 

Van der Lugt, who specialises in minimally invasive knee and hip surgery, moved with his family to Spain this summer to settle permanently on the Costa del Sol and continue his work there as a highly experienced and renowned Dutch orthopaedic surgeon. 

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Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques 

In collaboration with his team of Dutch anaesthesiologists, he brings new minimally invasive surgical techniques for hip and knee prostheses to Spain. It involves the Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) at the hip and Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) at the knee.  

DAA is a muscle-sparing approach that makes the procedure to replace a new hip much less invasive. Anyone who gets a new hip in this way only needs a short rehabilitation compared to traditional techniques. People can even walk again within 24 hours after surgery and wean off the crutches after two weeks. This allows them to resume their normal lives relatively quickly. What is special is that this approach, which is now so normal for the Netherlands, is still very exceptional in Spain. 

Cogesa Expats

FlexClinics and private clinic Hospital Ceram 

Joris van der Lugt says about his new work location: “The luxurious interior of Hospital Ceram in Marbella provides exactly the quality we are looking for. High-quality surgery in a high-quality environment.” Since 1 September, patients can go to FlexClinics in Marbella for plannable care. Two days a week Van der Lugt holds consultations in Hospital Ceram and once every two weeks at Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic CostaSpine (also in Marbella). Van der Lugt carries out all other acute, unplanned care such as fractures or infection treatments under the banner of Hospital Ceram. 

This private clinic was founded by Spaniards but has years of experience with international patients. Many staff are therefore also English or even multilingual. Hospital Ceram specialises in plastic surgery, gynaecology and fertility treatments. Now, with FlexClinics, orthopaedics has also been added. 

Years of experience come to Spain 

Dr. Joris van der Lugt Doctor Joris van der Lugt, orthopaedic surgeon

Joris van der Lugt has been working for years as a hip and knee specialist in the Netherlands. With his expertise, he not only gives many people a new hip or knee, but also a new life, in which after long times of pain and suffering they can move, walk and cycle again. What exactly is possible in each case, of course, depends on the insurer and how and where the costs are reimbursed. 

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