These are the two best tortillas de patatas from the Spanish supermarket

by Lorraine Williamson
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It’s no secret: the Spanish tortilla de patatas is one of those Spanish products that are known worldwide. A dish that should not be missing in the daily diet of a Spaniard.  

However, the magic of this dish is in its preparation. How do you prepare the potatoes, and add onion? Many consumers opt for the ready-made option from the supermarket. OCU has researched the quality and published a ranking of the best tortilla de patatas from the supermarket.  

The organisation not only looked at taste, but also at the fat content of the different brands. And to the sugar and salt content, to determine how healthy these ready-to-eat products are.  

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15 brands of tortilla de patatas examined 

The study focused on more than 15 brands of tortillas available in supermarkets. The first conclusions of the analysis emphasise the need for the use of colourings, flavourings and preservatives. To be able to store the tortilla and to maintain the uniform texture. 

Most of the products analysed do not have a high fat content. There are no significant amount of sugars or salt. This gives them a good energy value and can be considered healthy. The experts also mention that prepared tortillas are generally not very creamy. The brand with the highest salt content was Fuentetaja, with 1.3%. The tortilla that stood out for its lower calorie content was the one from Aldi with free-range eggs and caramelised onions. 

The two best tortillas: the patatas 

  • La Cocina de Senén: according to the OCU, this tortilla is different from the rest. Since it is a frozen product, it must be heated in the pan. This makes it juicy and gives it a pleasant texture.
  • The tortilla from Aldi. A close second, made from free-range eggs. It has an excellent nutritional index, and stands out for its hint of caramelised onion. Moreover, this tortilla is also very cheap

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