La Sociedad de la Nieve big winner at Goya awards ceremony

by Lorraine Williamson
La Sociedad de la Nieve

The 38th presentation of the Spanish film awards Premios Goya took place on Saturday evening at the Feria de Valladolid in Valladolid. The big winner was La Sociedad de la Nieve with twelve prizes. 

La Sociedad de la Nieve was the most awarded film of the evening with a total of 12 Goya awards. This makes the film the third most awarded film in history. La Sociedad de la Nieve  tells the story of the survivors of a Uruguayan plane that crashed in the Andes in 1972. 

Bayona big winner Goya awards 

The director Juan Antonio Bayona was the main protagonist of the evening. More than 150 million people around the world have seen the film. “I hope I have done justice to the families of those who traveled on that plane. I have been hearing for 10 years that this film was not possible, in Spanish and with this level of ambition, but thanks to Netflix they were wrong. A film made in Spain and in Spanish.’ The reviews couldn’t have been better. 

Top watched non-English language film 

The film is already the most-watched non-English language film on the streaming platform worldwide, with a total of 55,800,000 hours watched and nearly 23 million views in its first four days. La Sociedad de la Nieve represents Spain at the Oscars and is still in the running for four nominations. 

Where is La Sociedad de la Nieve filmed? 

In the summer of 2021, part of the filming was done at the scene of the accident in the Andes, in Chile and in Uruguay. In 2022, filming took place in several places in the Sierra Nevada. The most important of these is Laguna de las Yeguas. This small lake is located at almost 3,000 meters high in the mountain area. It was there that the exterior scenes  of La Sociedad de la Nieve  were filmed, with a replica of the fuselage of the plane. The scenes inside were filmed in a hangar in the parking lot of Los Peñones. in the ski area. Finally, filming was also done at Hoya de la Mora, a well-known place in the area. 

Cogesa Expats

Second and third place 

The other protagonist of the evening was 20,000 Especies de abejas. Despite 15 nominations, the film won three awards. ‘Robot Dreams’ also won two awards, 

And if that wasn’t enough, a Sigourney Weaver came to Valladolid from Hollywood. The actress won the Goya International for her impressive career. Her relationship with Spanish cinema also became clear, as she even worked with Bayona in Un monstruo viene a verme. 

Goya with message presented by Pedro Almodóvar 

Before presenting the Goya award for best film, Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar gave a message to the vice president of Castilla y León, García-Gallardo. “Someone who is here now, a politician, has spoken of us as the people who collect subsidies. And then make very bad films that are of no interest to anyone. I want to say that I hate him. 

Next year, the Spanish film awards ceremony will  take place in Granada. 


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