After tragedy in Barbate, trade union demands proper resources for Guardia Civil to fight drug trafficking

by Lorraine Williamson
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The death of two Guardia Civil officers in Barbate has shocked many people and caused a lot of commotion. Consequently, the city council suspended all planned carnal activities. 

The officers were overtaken by a narco-speedboat in Barbate (Cádiz) while carrying out an operation against drug trafficking. The Guardia Civil has arrested five people in connection with the death of two police officers on Friday. They were engaged in an operation against drug trafficking when their patrol boat was rammed by a drug boat. 

Trade union demands right resources to fight drug trafficking 

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions and Civil Servants (CSIF) on Saturday demanded “adequate resources and support for personnel fighting drug trafficking” 

The union, which deplores the action that took the lives of two police officers and left two others injured, one of them seriously, has criticised the social network X (formerly Twitter). “It’s a tragedy we’ve been warning about.” The customs guard service ‘patrols with ships that do not comply with the security measures’. 

Pain, anger and shame among locals 

Owner of the bar La Tienda, Narciso Corrales, said what many think: ‘We are dignified people here in Barbate. We don’t have such boats here. It was very clear that these undesirable traders are not from here.” 

But those who were cheering enthusiastically during the chase did come from Barbate. “But do you think those few screaming youths knew it could end in tragedy?” he replies with a question. Another man agrees: ‘I’m sure none of those who who’re booing could have imagined that it would end in tragedy.'” 

Young people add: ‘We come here a lot. It’s a good meeting place when there’s nothing to do.” Another adds that on Friday, the first images of the ambush began to circulate in WhatsApp groups. In the videos that have been distributed, you can hear the ridicule and that absolute lack of respect for authority. 

“We had nothing better to do, and half the city came here,” adds a young person, who wishes to remain anonymous. So many people came that the access road between the sheds of the port was blocked for cars and motorcycles. As a result, the passage for the first cars was blocked by the Guardia Civil. Meanwhile, the screamers are ashamed, although they did not go to the demonstration against drug trafficking on Saturday. 

Judicial investigation into incident caused by drug trafficking 

The incident, in which a 6-metre zodiac was used for the patrol, is already under judicial investigation. Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska assured in Cádiz on Saturday that the actions of the Guardia Civil were exemplary and that the tragedy had nothing to do with the material. Much to the anger of the Guardia Civil, which thinks otherwise. Still, someone must have given the order to use a rubber lifeboat to confront the six narco-boats.  

Also, someone must have thought that the GEAS, the Guardia Civil on the water, could be accompanied by two agents of the GAR. This Grupo Antiterroista Rural sends people to the Campo del Gibraltar every two weeks to participate in the fight against drug trafficking.  

The SRB agents boarded the dinghy. Armed with pistols in their belts and assault rifles. With that, they tried to stop the drug boat when they saw that it was coming towards them 


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