Five arrests in Spain after drug boat causes deaths of two Guardia Civil officers

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deaths of two officers

The Guardia Civil has arrested five people for their alleged involvement in the deaths of two police officers. They died after being rammed by a narco speedboat in the port of Barbate (Cádiz).

Sources close to the investigation reported this to La Vanguardia. Two other officers were injured. Three arrested persons were on the boat and the two others were arrested on the way to Sotogrande. The tragic events took place on Friday evening. Six Civil Guard officers wanted to identify the occupants of several narco speedboats. They had taken shelter in the port of the coastal town because of the storm Karlotta. The deceased officers were 39 and 43 years old.

Drug boats have free rein

According to claims from organisations within the force, drug smugglers’ boats have free rein in the ports of the province of Cádiz. There is said to be a lack of material resources in the Guardia Civil. “They know nothing will happen to them. The narco-speedboats are banned,” the Cádiz anti-drug prosecutor complained yesterday at the microphones of Cadena Ser.

Cat and mouse game

Many people saw the accident happen. The narco speedboats and the small Guardia Civil patrol boat seemed to be playing a game of cat and mouse. In videos recorded from the mainland, some people can be heard encouraging the criminals in the face of the Guardia Civil’s fruitless efforts:

Olé, olé, look, look, hit him, with balls…
Let them suffocate…
Do it again, what a joke, they kill them…

Until at one point one of the drug boats rams the patrol boat. The two officers were killed in the collision. Two others were injured, one seriously. According to police sources, both are recovering favourably from their injuries.

“Safer place”

On the same Friday morning, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, visited the province. He would initiate the fourth Special Security Plan for Campo de Gibraltar. In statements to the media, he said that “Campo de Gibraltar is a safer place.” Less than 12 hours later, drug smugglers took the lives of the two Guardia Civil officers.

Minister’s resignation demanded

The Union of Guardia Civil officers (AUGC) has demanded the immediate resignation of the Minister of the Interior. Public safety in the area was allegedly mismanaged and neglected by him. In a statement, AUGC deeply regrets the loss of lives during the operation conducted in Barbate. The organisation denounces the unsafe working conditions of the executive officers.

As a result, AUGC has announced that it will act as the people’s prosecutor in the Barbate legal proceedings. “To know who gave the order to carry out these operations with these means and what measures will be taken.”

Minister’s visit to Guardia Civil in Cádiz

Grande-Marlaska will ultimately not go to Barbate today, but travel to Cádiz. There, according to ministerial sources, he will have a meeting with Colonel Luis Martín Velasco. He will then chair a technical coordination meeting with the government delegate and the director of the Guardia Civil, among other authorities, to analyse the circumstances of the incident.

Official mourning

Barbate City Hall has declared three days of official mourning for the incident that occurred last Friday evening. In a press release, City Hall expresses its regret over the tragic death of two Civil Guard officers during an operation against drug trafficking in the city. Policia Nacional also stated their sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of those who died in the line of duty.

Just over a week ago, a man died after his narco speedboat collided with a Guardia Civil patrol boat. The incident happened near the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, also in the province of Cádiz.

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