El Buen Patrón big winner at Premios Goya film award ceremony

by Lorraine Williamson
El Buen Patrón

With 6 Goyas, the satirical film ‘El Buen Patrón‘ is the convincing winner this year of the Premios Goya, the most important film prize in Spain. The presentation of the now 36th edition took place last Saturday in the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia.

Awarded annually by the Spanish Academy of the Science of Arts and Cinematography, the Premios Goya consists of a bronze statuette by the painter Francisco Goya. Director Fernando León’s favourite ‘El Buen Patrón’ was nominated 20 times in 17 different categories, which is unprecedented. The film won a Goya in the categories Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Actor in a Leading Role. 

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Daniel Monzón’s film ‘Las Leyes de la Frontera’ received fice Goya’s (for Best Debut Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Art Director) and three statuettes went to director Icíar Bollaín’s ‘Maixabel’ (Best Actress, Best Male Supporting Role and Best Deburde Actress) and ‘Mediterráneo by Marcel Barrena (Best Cinematography, Best Production Manager and Best Original Song). 

Fernando León 

Furthermore, for Fernando León, this was the third Goya to win as a director. Moreover, as a director, screenwriter, and producer, León has won nine Goyas in his career. El Buen Patrón (The Good Boss) premiered in Spain last September at the San Sebastian Film Festival and was entered for the Academy Award for Best International Film, but was not nominated. León released the film ‘Los lunes al sol’ in 2002, also starring Javier Bardem. This film won the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival that year and five Goyas in 2003. It included the categories of Best Film, Best Director, and Best Leading Role. 

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El Buen Patrón 

The main character Básculas Blanco is played in ‘El Buen Patrón’ by Javier Bardem. He also won a Goya for his acting in this film. Blanco is the boss of a company that manufactures scales and competes for the local Business Excellence award. He tries to solve the internal problems and loses sight of every balance. In addition to the aforementioned categories, ‘El Buen Patrón’ won a Goya for Best Editing and Best Film Music. 

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In his acceptance speech, Bardem said to feel honoured to play the complicated character Blanco. And also that working with director and friend Fernando León was always inspiring and fun. He also addressed his wife and actress Penelope Cruz with the words; “I respect and admire you and celebrate every day we are together, I love you dearly”. The Spanish film couple has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Leading Role category; Bardem for his role in ‘Being the Ricardos’ and Cruz for her role in Almodóvar’s latest film ‘Madres Paralelas’. 

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz presented the International Honorary Goya this year to Australian actress Cate Blanchett. Furthermore, the Honorary Goya went to the Spanish actor José Sacristán. Moreover, according to president Mariano Barroso of the Academy, he is the icon of Spanish cinematography. “Sacristán has passed through different genres, generations, decades, and styles with class and talent”. Barroso stated this in his speech about the 84-year-old film actor. 

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