Mercadona sets its minimum wage at 1425 euros

by admin

MADRID – Against the economic backdrop of price increases, Mercadona raises the salary of all its employees by 6.5%. With this, the company wants to guarantee the purchasing power of the 93,300 employees in Spain.

The supermarket chain, renowned for its good working conditions, has taken this measure within a complex scenario. The company philosophy is that all people who are part of Mercadona are ‘essential’. They should focus all their efforts on keeping ‘el Jefe’ happy. This is how the customers of the large Spanish supermarket chain, and also one of the cheapest, are indicated. The better they do that, the better Mercadona is as a whole.

The chain of founder Juan Roig has waited with the salary increase for the last increase in the consumer price index CPI in 2021. From January this year, the minimum entry-level salary at Mercadona in the first year is €1,425 gross per month. That is €87 more per month than in 2021, an increase of 6.5%.

Mercadona has groundbreaking HR Policy

Mercadona has been promoting a groundbreaking HR policy in the sector for years. With this human resource policy, the company commits itself to mediation, training, and the personal and professional development of those who make up the workforce.

With the current pay increase, the supermarket is reinforcing its commitment to stable and quality employment. This is something the company has provided for more than 25 years. From that time all staff members receive a contract for an indefinite period.


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