BISSAN Wealth Management announces launch of innovative new service

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The Spanish financial planning firm BISSAN Wealth Management has initiated a new Staff Planning Service for local and multinational companies in Spain.

Germán Guevara Millán, Partner and Chief Financial Planner at BISSAN, calls the new service “A step forward in employee benefits. Executives periodically ask us whether we’re able to offer our holistic planning approach to top employees of their firm. I’m happy to announce that we now can. Financial planning is an important way for companies to offer a differentiated benefit to their Directors and Officers. And our service is the perfect way for them to do so.”

Staff Planning Service

BISSAN’s initiative enables companies to follow the advice given in PWC’s recent Guiding your employees through uncertain economic times survey: “Implement financial wellness benefits that focus on the immediate money management concerns employees are facing. Employees can’t focus on longer-term goals [..] when their day-to-day personal finances are in chaos.”

As Mr. Guevara Millán points out: “While we call it Staff Planning Service, our aim is to assist a company’s key employees. Every business is different, but a firm’s highest paid employees are often those that not only benefit most from BISSAN’s well-thought-out financial planning approach, they’re also typically the most important for the company to retain.”

Cogesa Expats

Holistic service for families

BISSAN offers companies a great deal of flexibility as it works with them to tailor this service to their circumstances.  It also suggests that the significant other of each executive attend the meetings as it’s designed as a holistic service to help the family make better decisions regarding their wealth.

BISSAN Wealth Management is an independent financial advisory company that has been providing trustworthy financial planning assistance to clients since 2010. BISSAN is authorised and supervised by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) of Spain. 

For more information, please contact, or call their office in Barcelona (+34 937 68 75 32) or Bilbao (+34 94 653 0242).


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